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Are you Thinking About Becoming a Budding Film Maker?
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There are sure to be some of you out there who are considering becoming the next Steven Spielberg! Like me – Jamie Squillare, when that thought entered my head, you’re probably going to need a bit of helpful advice. I spent many a long hour trawling the internet for tips and hints on getting started and I thought it would be a good idea to share what I found. Also I have bit of knowledge from set. You can check my professional experience in IMDb. But let me share what I find useful:
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  1. Ask around to see if anyone you know has some equipment you can borrow or look into hiring. Before you go to the expense of buying your film making equipment save yourself some money by giving it a go and spending as little as possible. All you really need is some sort of camera. You could even use a smartphone.
  2. Don’t be over ambitious. Try shooting something simple first. Aim for maybe a ten minute film rather than stretching yourself with half an hour or more. Even the best movie directors probably started out with short and punchy films.
  3. It’s all about the location. Draw up a list of possible locations and base your script around them. Even the most mundane location can be made to look interesting when the script is right.
  4. Work within your limitations. List the resources you have available and write a story to fit in around them.
  5. Watch your favourite movies closely scene by scene. Examine some of your favourite scenes in close detail. Look at what the characters are doing and the camera angles.
  6. You’ll need some help. It’s easy to find fellow film makers to help with the shoot. A producer, a director, a cinematographer, a sound recorder and an editor are the roles that need to be filled. It will be possible to double up on some of these roles.
  7. Test screen your first cut. This is an important way of finding out if you are on the right track and you will attract an audience.

These are just some basic things to think about before you get going. Film making requires time, investment, a compelling script as well as believable actors and actresses. You will also need set dresser like Jamie Squillare. Don’t get put off at the first hurdle and keep trying out different ways of working. Whether you’re looking to embrace a new hobby or make it your career, film making should be fun and enjoyable, however big your budget. Take a look on YouTube there are countless people taking the plunge every day and the results can be amazing.

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