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Bedroom Design Trends for 2014
POSTED BY Jamie Squillare ON September 23, 2014, NO COMMENTS

We spend on average one third of our lives in our bedrooms. Although most of that time is spent with our eyes closed, don’t make that a reason for neglecting it. I’m Jamie Squillare and would like to give you some snappy interior design ideas which you can apply  to an often forgotten room in your home.

Let’s take a look at some popular trends for 2014.


This is a new take on country. It involves using an off white color for walls and floors but adding color in the form of blue and taupe striped curtains and bedlinen. The look includes rustic, weathered furniture made from reclaimed wood and providing useful storage in the form of metal luggage trunks. Bedroom accessories should be simple such as galvanised steel for bedside lamps and cushions made from brushed linen. A contemporary twist comes from antique clock motifs and script lettering on cushions.


Inspiration for this style comes from Danish interiors. The idea is to create a minimal backdrop for bright and modern accessories. Walls should be white or pale grey and the floor whitewashed floorboards. If you don’t like the idea of wooden floors and prefer carpet choose a putty coloured carpet. The look is finished off with black and white bedroom furniture. The hottest colours for this year are orange and cobalt blue. Use these for your bedlinen, rugs and cushions. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns but try and keep it simple.


It’s now more affordable to visit the Orient and people come back wanting to recreate some of the styles they have seen there. It is a clean looking style with the addition of cherry blossom hues, Japanese minimalism and patterns inspired by Origami. A hard floor not carpet is essential for this design. You could make the flooring more inviting and warmer by using sheepskin rugs. White blinds for the windows and simple box furniture can be paired up with a few pieces of furniture from the Orient such as a bamboo rocker. Colour can introduced by adding an oriental inspired wallpaper to one of the walls. Use paper lanterns from the ceiling to complete the feel.


If you want your bedroom to be bright and colourful go for some bold colours such as black painted walls and large floral patterns using wallpaper on one wall. The flooring should be dark as well with your bed being the feature part of the room using fuchsia pink bedlinen and ornate rugs and carpets. Because the main walls and floor are black you can really go wild with other colorful accessories.


A big trend for 2014 are triangles. You can achieve a vibrant and young look with colourful triangle patterned walls and white carpets, while further injecting bold and bright colours in your bedlinen and other accessories. Don’t be worried about clashing colours as they can be mixed together to create an energetic look. Pick out the main colors in your wallpaper and echo them in your rugs, cushions and lamps.

These are just a few of the popular interior design trends for this year. But don’t worry about creating your own. Why not share them with the community by writing your own blog. There are a wealth of different materials, colors and styles that you can use in your home.

Why not start experimenting today?




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