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I want to be a Stage Set Designer
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If you’re creative and imaginative you could be ideally suited to working in stage set design. As one of LA set dressers I – Jamie Squillare would like to share my opinion about designing so you could easily decide is it your profession. If you’d like to work in film, TV or theater this may be the perfect job for you. This guide will help you determine if you’ve got all the attributes you need to become a successful production or stage designer: You don’t actually need any qualifications to enter this line of work but it will help to have a university degree in an art-based subject. You’ll need artistic flair as well as practical drawing and model making skills. Being able to research, show great attention to detail alongside problem solving skills and having better than basic IT knowledge will all be invaluable. Presentation and communication skills are also essential as you’ll be expected to work within a team as well as within budget! You’ll also need to be able to work under pressure as deadlines must always be met.

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The work as a stage set designer starts at the beginning of the production planning process until the opening night and includes sketching design ideas to show what the sets will look like for each individual scene. Taking into account the available budget you’ll work with the director and the production team to study the script and discuss ideas. You’ll have to research the details for the production and ensure the costume and make-up are appropriate. Any overseeing of set building and decoration will be your responsibility too. You’ll spend much of your time in theater workshops and depending on the production you may be required to travel. This career path normally starts with you becoming an assistant for a designer or as a trainee in the art department. As your experience grows you can work up to the position of stage set designer. Practical experience is essential to build your portfolio which shows your design work to potential employers. If you get involved with locally based community theaters and student theatres for example, this will all add to your credibility. Your portfolio should be continually updated as you develop your craft. There are many stage set designer courses that you could enrol on to help you on your chosen career path. Many designers are self-employed and work on a freelance basis. You may become involved in exhibitions and corporate events or go into film after starting in the theatre, and there may be opportunities with television commercials or music videos.

Once you’ve had a few years’ experience the choice is yours! I made my!

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