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Eco-friendly Home Improvement Ideas
POSTED BY Jamie Squillare ON November 17, 2014, NO COMMENTS

Environmentally concious home owners are always looking for ways to improve their homes and make them as “green” as possible. I – Jamie Squillare will always try to be as “green” as possible. Here are some ideas and tips to save you money on your energy bills and take care of the planet. You may find more in my Pinterest boards

UNDERFLOOR HEATING – popular in new build homes this type of heating can still be installed in older houses to great effect.

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INVEST IN SOLAR PANELS – although expensive to install they do provide long term savings. Any excess energy can be sold to the National Grid.

LOFT INSULATION – you can recoup the cost of good loft insulation within two or three years. Use natural or recycled materials whenever possible.

LOCALLY SOURCED MATERIALS AND LABOUR – buy your materials locally and hire a builder from just down the road, rather than all across town or another city.

RECYCLED FURNITURE – much more furniture is now available on the market manufactured from recycled materials.recycled furniture

WATER BASED PAINTS – oil-based paints are less energy efficient. Water-based paints often contain natural pigments and are easier to dispose of.

CAVITY WALL INSULATION – an uninsulated wall is nearly as wasteful as an uninsulated loft.

REGULAR SERVICING – having your boiler regularly serviced will keep it running at its best. Older models are inherently less energy efficient so upgrade to the latest model when funds allow.

BUY SECOND HAND – don’t fall into the trap of always buying new. Ebay and the plethora of high street charity shops have a wealth of perfectly usable furniture that is still in fashion.

DON’T HAVE THE THERMOSTAT SET TOO HIGH – is it really necessary to be sat around during the winter in a t shirt? Do you really need the water to be scalding hot? Set the temperature on your thermostat a couple of degrees lower and you’ll be amazed at the savings you make.

DON’T LEAVE THINGS ON STAND-BY – if you took stock of your energy consumption you’d be surprised at the amount of energy wasted keeping your electrical equipment on stand-by.

DOUBLE GLAZING – home design doesn’t always mean fancy and could just involve picking an attractive design for your double glazed windows. Replace your single glazed windows to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. And go for wood rather than UPVC or metal. They’re much easier to repair, have a higher insulation value, last longer and are less polluting.

REPLACE YOUR OLD STYLE BULBS WITH ENERGY SAVING ONES. Although no longer available to buy thousands of you still use them in your home. They have come on in leaps and bounds since early days and are far more energy efficient.

If everyone try just one of these advice, we can spend less energy. So please think about generation after us. Jamie Squillare suggests you to keep it “green”.


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