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Jamie Squillare Shares How to Add Value to Your Home Without Breaking the Bank
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Although the housing market in the USA has begun to pick up there are still plenty of you out there who have decided to stay put rather than buy something new. For those of you here are some ideas to improve your current living space and prepare you for the time when you’re in a position to move. I know there are many home improvements that can add value to your home but there are also those that can seriously devalue it.

I’m Jamie Squillare and I would be happy to read my home improvements tips below:

4 ideas by Jamie Squillare


Because the kitchen is the heart of any home any money spent on updating will be money well spent. The important thing is not to be too ambitious and to stay in keeping with the other rooms in your home. Don’t spend thousands updating the kitchen with the latest units and appliances as you’ll never recoup your money when you sell. The biggest bang for your buck can be gained by a fresh lick of paint. Modern, bright colors will go a long way to updating your kitchen without costing the earth. If some of your appliances are a little old purchase newer energy efficient models that’ll save you money and are kinder on the environment.


If there is more than one of you in the household there will always come a time when there is a queue for the bathroom. If you have the space build in another bathroom or construct an extension. You might have a room that is underused or space underneath the stairs where an additional bathroom can be slotted in. More than one bathroom is a very attractive addition that will pay dividends. Cost will depend on the scale of your addition and you can save extra money by shopping around and even buying second hand.


We’re all more concious of the impact we have on our environment and prospective buyers will be impressed by any energy efficient home improvement ideas you have introduced into your home. Add to that the money you’ll be saving on your own energy bills and you are on to a winner.


A home’s insulation is often forgotten once it has been installed. When was your fitted? 10 or 15 years ago may be? If this is the case then it is due for an upgrade. Much more efficient materials are now available to be used as insulation material. You could save as much as 1000 pounds a year with modern insulation. Seal up any cracks to further increase your savings.

I know that simple updates can be the most cost effective:

Keep on top of your decorating by refreshing your paintwork on a regular basis and keeping your house clean and clutter free. Put issues right as soon as they happen rather than leaving them and letting things get worse. Repair that leaky roof before further damage occurs and start a schedule of regular maintenance. Nothing looks worse for any potential buyer or indeed for your own peace of mind than a home that is uncared for and falling to pieces.

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