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After I – Jamie Squillare wrote about how to become a set designer, now I’d like to tell you more about actress. I have no experience but I have the chance to work with many amazing and aspiring actresses.

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If you dream of becoming an actress, performing on stage in a drama or a musical, you need to discover which path to take. Take a look at the hints and tips below to easily determine if this is the career for you:

Acting classes are an ideal place to start as here you can work with other actors as well as taking direction from the team. You can learn essential skills for acting alongside training for quick responses and cue attention. You’ll also be taught the differences between stage and film acting and be able to take part in scenes on stage. Class discussions will give you the additional confidence you need to face your critics!

Once you’ve decided which type of acting you’d like to pursue, it’s a good idea to research and study actresses that you can identify with. Visit your local theatre to take in the plays and make an effort to watch people going about their daily lives to get a feeling for emotional and facial expressions to help you develop your character. See if you can add depth by learning another language or by playing a musical instrument. Read as much as you can in every genre to expend your knowledge and understanding.

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When you start auditioning you may find this quite stressful. Look for original monologues to excite the director! You’ll need to get a professional photographer to take head shots of you, then make electronic copies in case you need to email them to agencies. Make everything look professional for the best impression. Get footage of your acting work and make sure it gets to the casting director. Finally get a licenced and franchised agent by searching online for casting workshops in your area. This will give you the opportunity to meet a number of agents and directors at the same time.

The Actors Equity Card will ensure that your work is not misused and also provides you with health insurance. Equity actors will have access to a greater number of auditions and will get to participate in workshops and seminars ongoing, so it’s of great benefit for you to join the union.

As you gain experience you’ll find yourself working closely with the director and the scene designers who’ll discuss with you the stage set design. It’s vital that they have your input as they need to be assured that each scene depicts the true feeling of the story. Be aware of all the props on the stage to ensure that nothing is out of line. Make sure that the clocks on the wall say the same time as the clock on the mantelpiece and the alarm clock! Simple errors can completely destroy the realism of the production.

As you find your niche in the acting world you’ll need to be persistent to make your living as an actress!

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